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What is the worst, most painful part about being a freelance or self-employed graphic designer?

My first guess... you’ll probably respond with something along the lines of... CLIENTS.

Whether that’s getting clients, maintaining existing clients, the relationship - or breakdown of said relationship with clients, endless revisions, chopping and changing project briefs, scope creep, chasing invoices…

You know, all those things that make being a creative professional suck.

And If that’s NOT you... 👏👏👏

I applaud.

Because that was my story about 2 years ago when I chose to go self-employed with my graphic design career.

I thought I understood the market, that my insights into brand strategy and creating brands that people ‘fell in love with’ meant that I understood business.

Was I right?


Did I find out the hard way?

… I’m afraid so 😅.

Clients didn’t effortlessly flow through my door and when I did get client opportunities my pricing was regularly challenged.

But, that experience taught me my most valuable lessons to date…

Lessons I now want to share with you, so you can overcome the same challenges that made me give up on my graphic design dreams (or so I thought).


I don’t now own a multimillion pound design agency 💸💰. Or a Lamborghini 👎. But the lessons I learnt are infinitely more valuable.

Here are two of the big discoveries I made after some painstaking research for answers:

1. Predictably generating high-paying clients isn’t a problem for all businesses.

(This meant that the answer to what I first thought was impossible does exist, I just had to work out how to do it.)

2. Successful businesses don’t happen by chance.

(Successful businesses are built with intention, persistence and focus.)

🙌 + 🤥 = I finally found a scent to follow!

So to cut the story short, over the last 24 months I’ve studied the art of sales and marketing, dissected multiple different business models and ran my own lead generation agency…


To find out what really works when it comes to building a business that creates meaningful change, a brand that people fall in love with, as well as to learn and understand how value is truly defined in the market and how to earn your worth.

Here’s what else I discovered from the last 2 years since becoming self employed...

When you get this right you can:

- Take 100% payment up front for projects

- Predictably generate clients for high-ticket services

- Handling projects, finances and client relationships becomes INFINITELY less complicated

- Clients find you rather than you having to find them

The bonus?

When you’re in a position to cherry pick your clients you can choose to work only with the businesses that align with YOUR values. This means you can become even more proactive in building the future you want to see in the world.

I must make it clear that the solution I’ve created isn’t for everyone. It will take some big changes.

But… it will put you on track to solving many, if not all the challenges you currently face as a self employed graphic designer or design agency owner.

If this sounds like the type of future you want for you and your graphic design business click here to schedule a free strategy call and let's help you get there.

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